Chapman's Pond

Chapman's Pond occupies a former clay pit site, where the excavated clay was used for brick making. When the digging of clay ceased the pit quickly flooded creating the pond we see today. The original clay pit was much larger, but over the years it has been partially filled in by the dumping of brick rubble and soil. In recent times the pond has been left to itself, and the wildlife has moved in.

Chapman's Pond is owned by  York City Council but is looked after by the local residents through the Friends of Chapman's Pond. Their work has made this special area a beautiful place to visit for walks and picnics, where there is an abundance of plant and wildlife to enjoy. The pond has always been  very popular with anglers and the species of fish present are Roach, Bream, Perch, Tench and Pike.

New members are always welcome to help with the conservation of this special area.


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