The Woodthorpe Community Group

We are a group of local residents of Woodthorpe. Volunteering our time to improve the community.


Our first AGM held on 26/01/16

We held our first public meeting at St James the Deacon Church on 26/01/16, where Kevin Baker (acting chairperson) welcomed new members to the group. The Group worked through the draft constitution with amendments suggested and agreed. The constitution was adopted and is available here, anyone wanting a paper copy can contact us on the contact page or via direct email to:

  It has been a slow start but things are coming together.

The website is now populated with the basics after couple of us have found our way around it, we are not experts but managed a few pics and a calendar so far!

The survey is ready to go, so hopefully we will get some good ideas and more volunteers.

The next steps:
  1. Launch the website.
  2. Make a papercopy of the survey for residents who are not online and post to each house.
  3. Form a committee

  Following a few friendly chats in the local pub, a small group of local residents felt it was time to bring the community together to improve the area and celebrate with a community event.
The idea of Woodthorpe Community Group was born.

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